Not Currently for Sale

No longer for sale. Because of technology changes, Apple required all apps to be updated to 64 bit to remain on the store. I haven’t taken the time yet to recreate “To the Moon” with the current technology I am using.

“To the Moon” has been a wonderful journey, and has lead to other opportunities. The series, of which only this first book has been produced, if not forgotten. With the new space race upon us, the next two books, “On the Moon”, and “Flight to Mars”, are more pertinent then ever.

VR/AR (New Realities) are here

We are bringing you on adventure of a lifetime.  Virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) are changing the landscape of storytelling.  You are no longer a viewer, but a participant.  You are in the story.

We are excited to announce that Awake Entertainment is now in production of VR/AR experiences.  We invite you to follow us and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.


10 out of 10! from iPad Family

iPad Mum says, “Cute interactive book for any child who loves to build play houses and have exciting adventures!”

“Our little girl (aged 4) just adores this part of the App, seeing the rocket going up and down based on her command fills her with giggles and delight.”

Read this stellar review at iPad Family.


To the Moon updated!

Version 1.2.0 is now available on the Apple app stores.

Icon-144First off, the icon has been changed.  Instead of a moon, it is now a spaceship.  Also, an information button was added to the title page, which will display a popup with credits and a button saying, “Parents, Please Rate this App”.

Rating and reviewing an app is really the best way to thank a developer, which will help promote sells and give them an opportunity to make more.

Another great addition, is the ability for more than one object to be moved at a time.  Two children, or an adult and a child, can help get the space person suited up at the same time.  Or, you can use two fingers to move two objects at once.

Upcoming Release of To The Moon!

Awake Entertainment™ is pleased to announce the release of To The Moon – Interactive Kid’s Book App.  Coming soon to the Apple AppStore! 

You are the space adventurer. Suit up and blastoff in your own spaceship.

  • It reads to you or read it yourself
  • Each word highlights as it is read
  • Tap words and objects to hear them spoken

Interact with the spaceship, get suited up, and launch yourself to the moon.

Let your imagination soar, as you prepare to take flight.

Neil Armstrong may have been the first to walk on the moon, but he will not be the last. Let your training begin!

A note to parents:

  • No in-App purchases
  • No collecting or sharing of personal information